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Childbirth Classes Tailored for You

Before an extraordinary birth comes extraordinary understanding


Just Like Your Birth

As a former K-12 teacher and university instructor, I understand the importance of teaching for my students.  And so, while I teach a specific method of childbirth, each of my classes is tailored to the students who are attending.  By the end of the course, you will understand and practice all you need to be prepared for your ideal birth.

Bradley Method is an internationally-acclaimed tried and true natural childbirth series that covers all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  It focuses on you and your chosen birth partner working as a team and trains your birth partner to be your doula on your baby's birth day.

The 12-week series is truly comprehensive, providing you with the knowledge and practice you will need to be exceptionally prepared to have a healthy pregnancy, birth your baby, communicate with your birth team, and ease into your postpartum period.  If you are hungry for knowledge about birth, this series is for you!


HypnoBirthing- The Morgan Method is the original HypnoBirthing series that supports you in releasing fear around birth and empowers you to give birth confidently and calmly in whatever way you choose.  It helps you achieve the state of deep relaxation necessary for your body to open and allow your baby into the world.  This holistic program prepares you physically, emotionally, and mentally to birth your baby.


The 5-week series also covers healthy pregnancy, the stages of birth, birth preferences and communication with your birth team, how your partner can support, and more!

Evidence Based Birth® is an exclusive, international program that provides the most up-to-date evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to birthing people desiring any type of birth.  If you are hungry for information to make informed choices, have a desire to learn deeply about advocacy, and want a class that will truly prepare you and your birth partner for all things birth, this class is for you!


The Evidence Based Birth® curriculum is truly client-centered in that this 6-week course is complete with weekly videos and 6 live, interactive Zoom meetings driven by student questions and interests.  In this course, the instructor acts as a guide and facilitator, not a lecturer.

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