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Birth Doula Services

Offering the care you need in the way you need it
What is a birth doula?
Birth doulas work with you before, during, and after your birth to make sure you have the support you need physically and emotionally.  They also provide information and help advocate for you during your birth.
Why hire a birth doula?
Research shows us that women and birthing people who are supported by a doula are:
  • 28% less likely to have a cesarean surgery
  • 31% less likely to use medication to speed up labor
  • Less likely to use medication for pain management
  • Less likely to have an assisted delivery (forceps/vacuum)
and they report:
  • more positive birthing experiences
  • easier adjustment after birth

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby


My Complete Support

You are unique! Your pregnancy, baby, birth, and postpartum experiences will be unique as well.  This is the foundation of the work I do.  My biggest hope and motivation is to provide you with the individualized support you need to have the birth you desire.  When you hire me to be by your side during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, you hire all of me--childbirth educator, doula, and lactation counselor along with my years of experience in every birth setting, my prestigious certifications, and my ability to communicate with you and your provider in a way that promotes your wishes for birth.  As you browse the basics of my doula packages and pricing, please know that I believe doula work is more than a service that can be summed up in a tidy little list.  Still, you deserve to know all of the things I can bring to your birth.  Here are some of ways I can happily support you as needed during your journey:


Support During Pregnancy

  • Information and guidance around labor and birth choices

  • Ongoing individualized support after your medical visits, testing, etc.

  • Additional prenatal visits as needed

  • Guidance around breathing, relaxation, and practice for labor/birth

  • Fear release for birth trauma and anxieties

  • Unlimited text/phone/email support

  • On call for birth from 36 weeks on with a backup doula in the case of any emergency

Partner Support

  • Support for the birther while the partner takes care of themself (eat, drink, use the restroom, nap)

  • Support in communicating with medical team

  • Advocacy for staying together during your entire birth

  • Information about how birth partner can best support the birther throughout labor in real time as labor and birth are taking place 

  • A calm, knowledgeable presence to help birth partner feel empowered and at peace

  • My AAHCC certification makes me an expert in supporting you and your partner working as a team

Physical Comfort During Labor

  • Massage and counter pressure

  • Expert suggestions for and physical support with position changes

  • Heat and cold as necessary

  • Breathing with you in ways that will decrease tension and promote making way for your baby

  • Creating an environment of calm and peace and ensuring the environment remains that way

  • Training in HypnoBirthing techniques

Use of Tools

  • Aromatherapy: essential oils and diffuser 

  • TENS unit (an additional $50 rental)

  • Massage tools

  • Birth ball

  • Peanut ball

  • Hot and cold packs

  • Honey sticks for energy

Informational & Emotional Support During Labor

  • When to leave for your birth place

  • Choices you may have as different situations arise

  • Exclusive Evidence Based Birth professional handouts on various birth topics

  • Providing your medical team with your birth plan and helping you communicate with them

  • Options for natural augmentation of labor

  • Providing an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a familiar face to laugh with

  • Affirming you and your powerful body

Documentation & Postpartum

  • A birth timeline that captures all of the beautiful and powerful moments of your experience

  • Additional postpartum visits as needed

  • Basic lactation support at your birth and first postpartum visit

  • Unlimited text/phone/email support

  • Excellent referrals for additional services (e.g. counseling, pelvic floor, chiropractic)

  • Photographs of your birth (additional fee)

  • Placenta preparation (additional fee)

Birth Doula Bundles

Standard Birth Doula


Support Services Include:

-1-2 prenatal visits

-Assistance with birth planning & understanding choices

 -Partner education and support

-Information about what to expect during labor and birth

-Access to exclusive client resources tab

-Full support during labor with back-up support (on call from 36 weeks)

-Birth timeline documentation of your birth

-1-2 postpartum visit(s)

-Unlimited text/phone call support before and after labor and birth until no longer needed

*Add 12-week Bradley Method classes, 5-week HypnoBirthing Classes, or 6-week Evidence Based Birth classes for $50 off per class series*

Your Doula


Emily McMichael


Certified Birth Doula

Certified Bradley Method Instructor

Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor

Evidence Based Birth Instructor

Certified Lactation Counselor

La Leche League Leader

Student Midwife

Birth Photographer

All-Inclusive Birth Doula


Support Services Include:

-3 prenatal visits

-Assistance with birth planning & understanding choices

-Partner education & support

-Access to exclusive client resources tab

-Full support during labor with back-up support (on call from 36 weeks)

-Professional birth photographs & birth story compilation

-1-2 postpartum visit(s)

-1 additional lactation visit, as needed

-Placenta preparation for smoothies (if desired)

-Unlimited text/phone call support before and after labor and birth until no longer needed

-Your choice of 12-week Bradley Method childbirth series, 5-week HypnoBirthing series, or 6-week Evidence Based Birth series for you and your chosen birth partner (these are internationally-acclaimed, comprehensive series)

Ready to Work Together?

I'd be honored to support you during this exciting and challenging time!  Because I value individualized relationships with clients, I accept only 2-4 clients per month.  Please inquire for availability.

How to Book Me:

1. Let's chat! We can make sure we are a good fit and that I have availability during your birthing time.

2. Fill out the registration form so I can begin to get to know you.

3. Pay your deposit to hold your spot for my support.

Note: If you would like to avoid the processing fee, contact me for direct payment.

Video Testimonial

Additional Services

The following services are additional options for purchase that you can add to your doula support package. Please inquire for more details.

1. Placenta Preparation for Postpartum Smoothies ($150)

2. Taking Care Down There Postpartum Care Package ($140)

Includes All My Personal Favorites:

-New Mama Affirmations

-Locally Made Birth Partner's Sitz Bath Organic Herbal Tea

-Locally Made Birth Partner's Organic Hormone Balancer Postpartum Tea

-Padsicles (10) Made With: 

Bleach Free Maxi Pads and Witch Hazel

-Herbal Perineal Spray

-Disposable Mesh Underwear (2)

-Organic Disposable Postpartum Underwear (4)

-Organic Nipple Cream

-All Natural, Non-GMO Belly Balm

-Breastfeeding Instructional Booklet

-Newborn Care Instructional Booklet

3. Photographs of Your Birth & Birth Story Video ($350)

With the addition of photographs to your doula package, you will receive photographs and a birth story video of your labor and birth, documenting some of your most precious moments in a format you can reflect on and share forever.


In a Nutshell

Childbirth Class

Birth doula clients who book late in pregnancy and do not have enough time before their birth to take a childbirth class or who need a refresher are welcome to my "In a Nutshell" 2-hour course.  



Includes: Stages of labor, positions for labor, comfort measures, partner support, time for questions, and

various resources on labor choices, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

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